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¡ñ Touch screen and PLC for controlling system
The reason you need BM-W430/630 bench top reflow oven £º
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Dektec Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company doing the design, production,sale and Terracotta Warriors maintenance of SMT equipment. The headquarter is located in Fuyong Town Bao An District of Shenzhen, which is very close to Shenzhen International Airport, Terminals, that is, enjoying a convenient transportation. The ultimate satisfaction of our end customer is our company theory, and we are working on the goal of ¡¯Mutual Benefit with the customer¡¯. We are supplying quality product at competitive prices. Our main produt line includes: lead free reflow oven, lead free wave solder machine, Dog Clothes , normal reflow oven, PCB ,normal wave solder machine ......Read More
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