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Do not know how to choose,  do not worry now, next we will give you a brief introduction of the method of how to choose reflow welding:

一、            Check the insulation heat of reflow furnace.

The temperature can be judged by touching the shell of recirculation furnace and exhaust pipe .

Normally, people feel a little warm (about 50 degrees Celsius).

When you feel hot or afraid to touch with your hands, It shows that the heat insulation performance of the furnace is poor and the energy consumption is high.

二、Type of heater: heater can be divided into infrared lamp and plater heater

·        1. tubular heater have a high operating temperature, However, due to the production of light during heating, it has different reflection effect for welding components of different colors, and it is not conducive to matching with forced hot air.

·        2. plate heater: Thermal response is slow But because of the big thermal inertia, The perforation facilitates the heating of the hot air, The color sensitivity of the welded parts is small and the shadow effect is small. At present, the reflow welding furnace is almost all aluminum or stainless steel heater

·        A best reflow soldering machine shall be provided with a heater at least in the preheating zone, and the temperature can be independently controlled to ensure that the temperature can be quickly transmitted to the welding temperature by conduction, convection and radiation.

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