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wave solder S400

Name:wave solder S400


S400 Wave solder specifications

A new streamline design replaces a conventional right-angled exterior. And the design is based on mechanical aesthetics and practicability, making the maintenance an easy job.

● PLC controller, PC and on-line UPS form a stable,safe and efficient controlling system.

● The software has the functions like PCB counting, temperature setting and editing, PCB parameter menu, and profile testing, alarms and muti-languages conversion. In the meanwhile, the software has make a lots effect about the safety issues just like wave motor running safe temperature etc.

● The one-week timer will provide a amazing function for customer. The operator can edit his work schedule for this wave solder machine weekly. And the machine can turn on automatically to melt the solder before operator come to work. When it’s time to work, the solder has been melt and everything is ready. It will save about 1.5 hours for customer everyday

● The specially designed guiding rail reduce the deformation caused by heat; After two years working you only need to change the cooper bars instead of change the whole conveyor rails.

● Sprayer droved by stepper motor , the speed can be set on PC. The moving and stopping time will be set in a more precious way.

● The sprayer is made in Japan; it provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.

● Adding flux automatically, there are two sensors on flux tank. When flux is lower than limit,it will switch on the pump to feed flux in automatically. Operator just need to put the whole barrel flux into the flux tank, meanwhile put the sucking tube into the barrel.

● Forced air convection preheat zone control by temperature controller in PID model. The preheat zone will provide enough uniform heat for the PCB.

● 3 individual bottom hot air zone and third upper hot air zone optional, this configuration will provide the greatest preheating effect for soldering.

● Adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot, it’s mounted outside of the solder pot. This new assembling way will prolong the life of the solder pot.

● Dual wave solder. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer. Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of power.

● Solder pot is made of 3mm thickness Ti material. Long life warranty.

● High quality B&M wave motor which made in Italian, small noise and more stable.

● Solder pot can lift up and down, move in and out automatically. It’s very easy for customer to change solder pot and conversion between leaded and lead-free.



 PCB width


Solder pot capacity


 Running power/general power




 Net weight


Controlling system


Conveyor motor

3Ph 220V , 90W

Conveyor speed


 Alcohol capacity

 4.5 liters

PCB Conveyor direction

Left to right

 Spray method

 stepper motor and slider moving sprayer


Japan ST-6

 Preheating zone

3 individual bottom preheating zones

Preheating power


 Solder pot material

Fully Ti

Solder pot heater

Cast iron

 Heater power


 Wave number

dual waves

Wave type

Turbulence first wave and Lambda 2nd wave

 Melting time

110 minutes

 Solder pot lift up&down

Electrical switch

 Solder pot in&out

Electrical switch

 Finger cleaning pump

1PH 220V 10W

 Finger type

 Dual hook Or L finger

 Finger material


 Solder angle


 Air supply


 Power supply

 3PH 380V 50HZ


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