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DEK-P400 auto printer machine

Name:DEK-P400 auto printer machine


Specification SMT Auto-printer machine DEK-P400

  • Arch bridge type suspending direct- connected squeegee
  • Print head with the programmable and suspending self-adjusting stepper motor drive
  • Four wheel positioning slide type with bilateral double sliders ensures the moving accuracy and stability when scraper is running back and forth
  • Unique belt transmission system avoids being stuck or fall-off PCB
  • Programmable motor controls transport speed and puts PCB in the precise position.
  • The unit to clean is separated from CCD camera, which can minimize the load of motor and impulse, improve the positioning precision and speed and extend the service life.
  • With servo motor and lead screw, the direct connection UVW platform is featured with high precision, high rigidity and  compact structure.
Frames screen Min Size 470X370mm  Max Size 737X737mm  Thickness 25~40mm
PCB Min Size 50X50mm
PCB Max Size 400X340mm
PCB Thickness 0.4~6mm
PCB Warpage 1%
Transport Height 900±40mm
Transport Direction Left-Right  Right-Left Left-Left Right-Right
Transport Speed Max 1500mm/S Programmable
PCB Support System Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block by hand
Clamping System side clamping, vacuum nozzle
Print head Two independent motorised  printheads
Squeegee Speed 6~200mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure 0~15Kg
Squeegee Angle 60°/55°/45°
Squeegee Type Stainless steel(Standard), plastic
Stencil Separation Speed  0.1~20mm/sec Programmable
Cleaning System DryWetVacuum (Programmable)
Table Adjustment ranges  X:±10mm;Y:±10mm;θ:±2°
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm
Cycle time  <7s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Product Changeover <5Min
Air Required  4.5~6Kg/cm2
Power Input AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 3KW
Control Method PC Control
Machine Dimensions 1300X1500X1550mm
Goss Weight Apr. 1000Kg


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