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Assembly line

Name:Assembly line


Specification(assembly line)

  • Lengthcustomize(width 400mm)
  • Speed of the ConveyorSmooth operation and no abnormal noise.
  • Conveyor power system:the motor adopts 380V and 750W Taiwan chuang-down motors.
  • the reducer adopts 1:60 Taiwan invasive tooth box.adopt 200W electronic governor for speed regulation.
  • the gear and other driving parts are made of aluminum
  • the machine head frame is made of 40 mm x 40 mm x 1.5mm aluminum
  • the head sealing plate adopts 1.2mm thick A3 board.
  • the active wheel USES the hay 60 roller.
  • Conveyor line body:
  • the four 400mm wide belts adopt imported 2mm thick green anti-static PVC belts and adopt seamless interface.
  • the guide rail is made of 40mm * 60mm special aluminum
  • the machine foot is made of 40mm * 40mm * 1.2mm aluminum
  • the lamp holder is made of 40mm * 40mm * 1.2mm aluminum
  • the wire groove adopts a galvanized power line groove of 50mm * 50mm, with two 2-bit multi-function sockets for every 1.2 meters.
  • the gas pipe is made of 4-point galvanized pipe, with two quick change joints every 1. M.
  • operation instruction: "H" aluminum extrusion material, with process drawing bag, suitable for A4 horizontal placement.
  • the whole wire body adopts special foot cup to adjust the height, and all iron parts are treated with high temperature baking paint.
  •  the worktable bracket adopts welded triangle support of 40mm * 40mm * 3mm thick Angle steel.
  • 18mm thick plywood is adopted for the work table, white fireproofing board is laid on the face of the work table, and t-shaped rubber strip is wrapped around the edge.

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