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function of pass furnace jig

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What is the function of pass furnace jig? Production specifications and matters needing attention of the jig for passing through the furnace

Overpass jig is the reflow welding provided in SMT and DIP plug in the processing of electronic components. During wave soldering, some components cannot be tinned, so PCBA overpass jig needs to be wrapped up on PCB to avoid air. It is suitable for all kinds of PCB boards with patch elements on the solder surface of plug-in materials

Common material

1.    Domestic or imported fiberglass materials

2.      Imports of aluminum plate

3.      stainless steel material

4.      Synthetic stone using carbon fiber plate (synthetic stone) production of high temperature resistance 350 degrees without deformation, low heat conduction, small degree of expansion, suction furnace oil through the furnace fixture advantages: greatly save manpower and improve efficiency; And can simplify the production process, improve product quality; Reduce deformation caused by tin furnace

Production specifications of the jig for passing through the furnace, as well as an overview of matters needing attention

1. Select material according to customer's requirement, calculate furnace fixture size and thickness according to PCB size and PCB component thickness

2. The production requires GERBER file, empty PCB board and board pasted with components

3. Production is to confirm the direction of PCB through tin through customers, components to avoid air, height limit and positioning components

4. The production process needs to determine the jig four corners should be rounded, engraved on the jig name, number of Numbers and so on

5. The sunken outer frame of the PCB is the same size as the PCB and easy to take, with the buckle hand position

6. Jigs need accessories such as magnet positioning, cover positioning, anti - floating height and so on

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